Compline was a service to close the day, an opportunity to give thanks for the joys and graces experienced, a chance to confess the (many) sins committed throughout the day.

Why Compline?

Compline helps you to forget the turmoil of the day and concentrate

Compline, along with Morning, Noonday, and Evening Prayer, teaches us how to pray and for what we should pray.

Compline is a perfect moment to close the day the same way it started: in doxological prayer. If Morning Prayer—or whatever service you use to begin your day—is designed to start the day off right then Compline is designed to end it well. Let Compline be limited to the saying of three psalms, which are to be said straightforwardly without antiphons, after which let there be the hymn of that hour, a lesson, a versicle, the Kyrie, and a blessing to conclude.

Most Common Questions.

Many questions get asked by visitors to church, newcomers to town, and friends and neighbors of our members. Here’s a list of questions that may help you understand what prayer is and why it is so important in the Christian life.

How should we pray?

When we pray, we should ask God to show us what He wants to do rather than telling Him what we think He should do. When we pray this way, we can walk in step with His will for our lives. In this way, God’s will can be accomplished on earth.

How can I learn to pray out loud?

God can hear our prayers anytime, anywhere, and at any volume! He is able to hear us even when we think our prayers to Him rather than voice them. Yet, so many of us struggle and would like to be able to verbalize prayers in a group setting.

How can I keep my mind from wandering when I pray?

Let’s face it! Many of us struggle to stay focused when we pray. Our culture is busy and there are so many things vying for our attention. What are some simple ways to combat the wandering mind when we want to focus our attention on God in prayer?

How Can I Learn to Pray with My Spouse?

This is an important question, as the majority of Christian couples, even pastoral couples, don’t make this a regular practice. Yet it is probably the most fulfilling and divorce-proofing thing any couple can engage in. Also, it has been said that praying together is the most intimate thing a husband and wife can do. So how do you get started?

Does God hear our prayers?

God hears us and will always rescue those who love Him, just as He rescued Mordecai and the Jews in the story of Esther (Esther 8:15-16). Sometimes it feels like God is not moving as fast as we would like in answering our prayers. But we need to remember that, if we believe that God hears our prayers, then He will move on our behalf when the time is right.

What is prayer?

Prayer is when we talk to God. We can talk to Him about something small or something big. We can talk to him in a way that’s quiet and private, or we can talk to him with thousands of other people. But whenever we talk to God, we are praying.

Can we pray any time we want?

Yes, we can pray any time of the day or night. God is always listening and is never too busy for us. He wants to talk with us all the time, and He cares about whatever concerns us. We can even pray silently. God can hear silent prayers, too!

Are long prayers better than short prayers?

No! God wants us to talk to Him about whatever is on our hearts — and what matters most is that we are being honest when we talk to Him. If we pray a short prayer from the heart, it’s worth much more than a long prayer that’s trying to impress God or other people.

Why do people kneel when they pray?

Not everyone kneels when they pray, but some people do it to show an attitude of humility before God. We can approach God boldly — because He is our heavenly Father — but we must also approach Him with humility. And kneeling shows that we are approaching him with humility and reverence.

Does prayer do anything?

Yes, prayer is powerful! Peter was chained in his prison cell with guards on both sides of him. The situation was desperate; it seemed impossible to save Peter from death. But, in Acts 12:5, it says, “But, The church began to pray!”

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